(Incorporated Since 6 August 2012)

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The growing pace of the Malaysian Economy is ever an active market attracting fresh development from both local and foreign investors.

Along with the national progress, the construction industries had been always busy and in need of more intellectuals and organizations to cope up with the up surging economic growth. Nevertheless it’s a competitive and performance oriented task for all industrial players.

Electmech Synergy Sdn Bhd evolves from the industrial growth as a new player among other long established contemporary organizations. The Company is poised to contribute to the quantum of industrial development forging ahead to achieve and strengthen the country’s economy, particularly in the Electrical and Mechanical Services Sector.

Electmech Synergy Sdn Bhd not only contributes to development success, it’s also target to create employment and cultivate young talent to become major industrial entrepreneurs in the near future.

Playing the vital role to build up national economy, Electmech Synergy Sdn Bhd is being led by mature and experienced leaders with long established background recognized in the field of M&E services.

The final destination of the Company is never ending and far sighted designated to grow from generation to generations towards achieving national and international recognition.